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Monday, November 14, 2011

Off to Asia Again...

Hi everyone,

In another day and a half I will leave on another trip to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand ... 34 days will seem way too short in that part of the world!  In the usual tradition for what happens when I plan trips, Thailand has had now-famous flooding, the worst in 50 years (which I am hoping will dry out by my arrival there in mid-December) but I hear that the other areas I am going to on the way are now trying to compete with huge squalls of rain.  There have also been several earthquakes ... not so much where I'm going, but surprisingly, right under the fault line on which I live.

Anyway, I will try to capture all the travel news and gossip that's fit for print :)  Photos may join up with the blog later.  Also,  I've added a link to my blog where I believe you can now subscribe to receive updates!