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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gorgeous Guanajuato!!!

Wow, imagine being in a place with absolutely PERFECT weather, daily bright blue sky, a city ordinance that does not allow houses next to each other to be painted the same color, lovely pedestrian-only walking streets, and people that say "Salud!" to a stranger when they hear you sneeze!

That´s Guanajuato.  No wonder it's a UNESCO World Heritage site.  And many of the buildings in the center, including my home for a week, are labeled "Inmueble Catalogado" -- protected landmarks!  My house was built in 1846, and the woman that owns it and hosts foreign guests continues to be completely lovely!  Her name is Guadalupe.  $21 a day for my own room in this grand home, a bathroom shared with one other guest, and 2 meals a day lovingly prepared, including snacks to bring with me to school in case I get hungry before the traditional lunch, typically served here around 3ish pm.  Who could complain? 

My classes at Escuela Mexicana are going well.  A few of us had some questions about how people were placed into certain classes and a few being somewhat overcrowded with 7 or 8 students.  It all sorted itself out by today.  I have 3 teachers: Vicente, Luis, and Alejandro.  They're all really good!   2 grammar classes, one culture and conversation class, and a "practical Spanish" class daily held on the sun-soaked roof of the building with spectactular vistas in every direction.  I have found a few fellow students who are roughly at the same level.  The students are from everywhere, but a majority are Americans -- some from New Mexico, some from Portland, one other woman from SF (but she's not in the same classes) and a few from NYC.  There are also a few students from other places such as Canada, Austria, Germany, and Japan!   The power of the internet is amazing in attracting people from near and far.  My host has also hooked me up with someone with whom I can do some private classes.  With all the classes, I'm not sure when I will get to do all the touristy stuff!  But I'll try to squeeze it in of course.  I can't wait to put the photos into the blog.  Lots of ooohing and aaaahing like when I firstgot to San Francisco.

More later!!

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