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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm off to see the world again :)

Hi folks!

For those of you who were wondering what I've been up to (other than that dirty 4-letter word, WORK), I've been frantically doing last-minute planning, as usual, this time for a trip to Israel with my mom who's always wanted to visit there!  I am flying to New York on 4/20, then flying with her on 4/21, nonstop to Tel Aviv, landing on 4/22.


Since the unitiated may be unaware that I cause major cataclysms in the world just even by making travel plans, which I've written about before, let me share the latest news with you.  No, not the latest earthquake in China -- too far from our itinerary for me to have caused that one -- but try this on for size:

Right.  An Icelandic volcano eruption has cancelled all/most flights anywhere in the vicinity of Europe, which I believe one has to fly over to get from New York to Israel.  When will stuff be up and running?  No one knows!

So, wish us luck with the skies clearing up, as I am chafing at the bit to take my Mom on a crazy Couchsurfing adventure.  And anyone who has any advice about Israel, please feel free to email me!
London too -- we'll be stopping there on our way back, from May 12-15.

And -- apropos to nothing -- please enjoy the current views of my yard, which I'll miss while I'm away:

:) Carol

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  1. Love the yard. Good luck on getting to Israel.